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Who Knows Game Show

A Virtual show full of fun, bewilderment and excitement! The show will ONLY require an hour of your time at the MOST! 

The Specifics:

  1. 4 Contestants Max

  2. 3 Regular Rounds

    1. 1 question per person for these rounds. Each question is worth 1,000 points. 

  3. The first and second place contestants will move on to a Lightening Round​

    1. Each contestant will get the same 5 questions. Whoever answers the most questions correctly will be the WINNER! ​

    2. If there is a tie there will be a tie breaker


The winner will win a FREE COMMERCIAL SPOT on Opus Collective Productions TV (aka OPCTV) releasing on Amazon Fire and Roku TV in May of 2021! The winner will also have the chance to donate the commercial spot.

Commercials can be used to promote

  • a cause you care about

  • a business you have

  • a song you have

  • a book you have

  • a piece of artwork you made

  • any product you have

  • etc. so on and so forth! 


If you missed the announcement about the TV Channel, click here!

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