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You don't have to do it by 


Registration will close September 10th!

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You've Been Struggling To

  • Edit quicker

  • Light yourself better

  • Use your equipment better

  • Create eye-catching thumbnails

  • Re-edit already made videos for other platforms

  • Create Video Topics


Your Problem

YOUR ANSWER in just 4 sessions

You will HAVE

  • One (1) FULL VIDEO

  • One re-formatted video for a different platform

  • a PDF with all of your PERSONALIZED tips and suggestions

  • Your lighting and equipment set up with a VISUAL diagram

  • Any suggestions for future equipment upgrades

  • Link to the Editing Session for you to review whenever you need it!


At The End
  • 1st Session

    • This is 1-on-1 just you and me​

    • We will assess your equipment, lighting and editing equipment & programs

    • Talk about your goals for your video content

    • Your hurdles with creating content that you can't get over...YET!

    • Go over a video you've already made

  • 2nd Session​

    • Group session with you + 6 other people MAX (no big groups over here)​

    • You will get to network and get a support/accountability group

    • Create a workflow to create videos FASTER and BETTER

    • Instructions to film an actual video

    • Video Intro/Outro- understand how CRITICAL they are for growth!

    • Turn in your logo/logo idea for your logo animation

  • 3rd Session​

    • Group session with your group​

    • Review videos (remember you're posting your videos for the WORLD, so let's practice first with a small group!)

    • Thumbnail Editing class

    • Pick Video Editing Program for Editing Session - Pick your editing session partner

  • 4th Session​

    • You, me and your Editing Session partner from the Group will edit your ACTUAL video you recorded earlier in the video editing program​

    • Review how to utilize your logo animation video

    • Learn how to edit your full video to repurpose the same content for different platforms. 

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The First Day is September 20th.
Registration will close September 10th!

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