Music Video Channel

Do you remember when TV channels who have the word "music" in their names actually played Music Videos? We do. So we are having a section just for music videos on OCPTV. Each genre will have it's own playlist. We are focusing on Independent Artists and Unsigned Artists so you'll get to find a NEW FAV!

  • YouTube

Compensation Terms

We want to make sure we are transparent because we do support artists and the creative community! 

There will be a streaming compensation amount!


Compensation will be based on views and will be discussed once your videos have been approved.

Because of our contract with the streaming platforms (Amazon, Roku, etc), we are not accepting visuals with explicit images. If you aren't sure if your visuals qualify, you can still submit them and we will let you know! 

There is no limit to the number of videos you can submit!

Each genre will have it's own playlist!