LIVE! Series

Welcome! If you are here that means you want to perform in one of the Opus Collective LIVE! Series Episodes! I am so glad you are interested! Keep reading to find out what Opus Collective Live is all about and to let us know you are interested!


Opus Collective Live is a sub-company of Erica Jay Video Production, where Erica Johnson is the founder and director. Erica has been a Professional Video Production Director for 10 years producing commercials, event video, marketing videos and more - including Live Stream Production. 


So with the shift all of us had to make in 2020, Opus Collective Live was birthed! 


Opus Collective is a Full Live Stream Production Service for local business owners, creatives and artists and the LIVE! Series is where a group of 3-4 artists, creatives or business owners get a chance to be a part of a high quality performance production and reach new audiences while also being able to earn some money!


That's right! GET PAID! 

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The Live Stream:

Not only will you be getting a top tier professional sound via the studio for the live stream but you also get lighting (colored and standard) and a 3 camera set up for your performance! Also included is audience engagement! This means there will be an Opus Collective crew member in the comment section engaging with the viewers, sharing links to YOUR work/website AND answering any questions. Engagement is KEY in live streams!


Viewers who buy the ticket will also be able to watch the live stream as many times as they want for up to 24 hours after the event! 



The LIVE! Series will be taking place at a local studio (supporting our community) with ample space for us to social distance. Exact location will be disclosed to performers.



Performers will be interviewed by a local podcast host 2 weeks before the live stream date to talk a little bit about themselves, their craft, etc. This interview will be used as a segue between performances during the actual live stream. This interview will also be delivered digitally to the performers after the live stream for them to use as they please (i.e. on their website, social media marketing, part of a press kit, etc)



Performers will get 50% of the ticket sales that have earmarked them on the ticket registration. MEANING, ALL TICKETS that have marked YOUR NAME under the "who did you hear about this from" you will get 50% of the sales from it! The other 50% will be going towards the expenses of the live stream (rental fees, crew fees, etc). Transparency is a MUST and performers will see the exported spreadsheet. So the MORE people the performers get to buy a ticket the MORE you will earn! Payments to the performers will be made via PayPal or check. 


Additional Items:

~ Performers will have 20-30 minutes for them to showcase their art!

~ Performers can use the live stream and share it on their networks, websites, etc as they please to showcase their talent or products!

~ Performers will also get customized graphics to post on their social media platforms and share with their audiences! These graphics will also have instructions to make sure the audience selects the performer for their ticket

~ COVID restrictions will be enforced at all times. Only those performing or on the Opus Collective Crew will be permitted inside. Everyone's temperatures will be checked at the door. Everything will be sanitized before and after the live stream and performers will have their own sanitized microphones to use! No cross contamination!

~ Performers may perform repeatedly in as many live-streams as they would like - as long as there is room

~ There will be a sound check the morning before the live stream to ensure a smooth production

~ The Live streams will be streamed on the Opus Collective YouTube, Facebook, Roku and Sling. Attendees will get automatic reminders before the event and right before the event is to start! 

~ Snippets of the performances will live permanently on the Opus Collective social medias and website 


Who is eligible to be a performer?

~ Singers 

~ Rappers

~ Dancers

~ Musicians/Instrumentalists

~ Poets

~ Chefs/Bakers (cooking demonstration)

~ Hairstylists 

~ Painters

~ Podcasters

~ Authors

~ All Creatives

~ All Businesses

~ ANYBODY! Let us know you are interested and we will pair you with the other performers that best match what you do!


You in? LET'S GO!

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