NOCCC Video Review & Edits

Hello and Thank you for being a client of Erica Jay Videography/Opus Collective.

Please watch and review your videos below.

To submit any edits or changes or to ask any questions, please just comment on the video using the comment bar.

The comment bar is only available on a desktop/laptop - not mobile. However, you can watch the videos on mobile.

There will be a little message bubble in the upper right hand corner for you to submit a comment/edit/question. The great thing is that you can pause the video and the comment will ping to the exact timecode so that I will know exactly where you are referring to.

You may be asked to create a log in to comment. This will ensure only designated people are commenting and have edits submitted and so that if I have a specific question about an edit/comment/question, I know who to email. If it doesn't ask for you to create a log in, that is ok too - just please identify yourself when you make a comment.

Please note, these videos are not in 4K just yet. The final version will be. 4K takes a while to produce so it is much quicker to produce them at a lower quality for review and edits.

Thank you so much and talk to you soon!