Let Me Be Your Personal Video Coach

So tell me...which one is you...

~ Have tried to make a video yourself  but didn't even get set up.

~ Got set up but got frustrated with your phone

~ Wanted to get a camera but didn't know where to start.

~ Rambled in your videos 

~ Got frustrated with trying to figure out what to say.

~ Your voice sounded muffed in the video

~ Once the video was done, you couldn't figure out the editing.

~ Don't have the patience to figure out video editing

Well the frustration stops here.

I'm not Super Woman but I'm here to save the day!

join the P.V.C. Program

Personal Video Coach



Get step by step guidance for creating the perfect video for your business.

Writing the Script. (yes, you DO need one)
Setting up the Visuals (recording on your phone OR a camera)
Lighting and Audio assistance.
Video Editing lesson (on your phone OR computer)
Marketing Ad Guidance
3 1-on-1 Sessions
Session #1: 
  • Assess your skill level
  • Script Creation
  • Lighting, Video &  Audio assessment
  • Goals and Vision
Session #2:
  • Script Voicing (yes i's important)
  • Recording procedure review
  • Wardrobe assessment
  • Editing Assessment
Session #3
  • Video Review
  • Video Editing Lesson
  • Facebook Ad Creation

I'm Ready to Work...Are You?

The cost is broken down to easy-to-digest payments.

$40 deposit when you schedule the meeting for each session. 

$25 invoice will be sent after each session.

Ready to go?